SMS for Salesforce Introduction

SMS for Salesforce - Send SMS from Lead and Contact

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"If the way of communication is cheap and simple, the accomplishment of work becomes much easy and comfortable."

Our primary project in the year 2018 - "SMS for Salesforce" is now available on AppExchange.

SMS for Salesforce- We have over 150,000 customers who are using and trust our Salesforce App to help them grow and compete in the already competitive business world. To enjoy all our incredible services, join them to soar high in your business venture. With our SMS for Salesforce app, we provide extra customization and configuration services to our customers.

Texting is the most used form of data service in the world and it has over the years become the most prevalent form of communication today. Texting, therefore, plays a much more personal role in your business’ communications. The use of SMS is a great and effective way to engage the clients and customers and with our SMS for Salesforce app, your relationship with your customers will be stronger and long-term. Using SMS is one of the easiest ways of broadcasting similar messages to a large group of customers once. The main function of this app includes;

  • Sends SMS messages from contacts, campaigns, and accounts to all countries
  • It supports Long Virtual Number (LVN) to receive SMS and supports customized SMS senders name
  • It provides video and phone conference support

Our customers love the SMS for Salesforce app. They find it easy to set up and use and the support is excellent as well. This app does exactly what it says it does with no fuss at all. SMS for Salesforce connects clients to their customers quickly and allows bulk texting to multiple customers thus making it enjoyable to use. It delivers the right functionality for both the support and sales team and all our customers highly recommend it. So why not get yours today?